Entry summary for British U10 Foil Championships

Summary : 22 Entries
Summary : 9 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Aiden Robinson Paul Davis Fencing Academy
Alexander James Russell Swords
Alexandre Dusseaux Escrime Academy
Arlo Bason Roselyon Fencing Club
Ashley Crees Salle Paul Fencing Club
Benjamin Deans Chichester Fencing Club
John White Paul Davis Fencing Academy
Kieran George Barnstaple Fencing Club
Lachlan Ivory Salle Holyrood
Lewis Callaghan Shoebury And Southend Swords
Logan Mulheron Bryant Blades
Luca Florea Russell Swords
Luigi Cioffi Cobham Fencing Club
Matthew Stahl Sarum Swords
Mohammed Belbouab Newham Swords
Oskar Picton Tully London Fencing Club
Raphael Sandford highams park fencing club
Rocco Dew Chichester Fencing Club
Sinan Basak Sussex House Fencing Club
Theo Craig Team Melia Cymru
Yaqub Wagdi Salle Paul Fencing Club
Zachary Clarke Russell Swords
Competitor Name Club
Alice Dusseaux Escrime Academy
Claire Sosnov ZFW Fencing Club
Eliana Gilbert-Heitler Salle Paul Fencing Club
Eloise Russell Vale Fencing Club
Hester Ellett Chichester Fencing Club
Jessica Beechey Paul Davis Fencing Academy
Kiera Jaeck Cobham Fencing Club
pearl milton Bristol Cavaliers