Entry summary for British Fencing Championships 2018

Summary : 37 Entries
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Competitor Name Club
Alexander Jones Salle Kiss Fencing Club
Ben Attias Unattached
Ben Bates Bath Sword Club
Cameron Evans Unattached
Celyn Lewis Cardiff Fencing Club
Charlie Broughton Salle Holyrood
Christopher Mollard Saxon Fencing Club
David Standen ZFW Fencing Club
Dylan Daniel ZFW Fencing Club
Edmund Howlett Fernwood Sword Club
Ethan Ridsdale Russell Swords
Ethan Zazo ZFW Fencing Club
Euan Deamer Crawley Sword Club
Felix Sudderick Liverpool Fencing Club
George Wills Sussex House Fencing Club
Iain Russell Salle Holyrood
Isaac Jolley Chichester Fencing Club
Jack Douglas Salle Holyrood
Jamie Kenber Unattached
Joe Banks Saxon Fencing Club
Jonathan Woollard Salle Holyrood
Joshua Burn Cocks Moors Woods Fencing Club
Keith Cook Salle Holyrood
Mark Cudworth Salle Kiss Fencing Club
Matthew Abrahams ZFW Fencing Club
Matthew Billing Salle Boston
Matthew Cowley Salle Paul Fencing Club
Nicholas Dootson Salle Holyrood
Oliver Nash Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club
Rajan Rai Newham Swords
Robert Williams Salle Boston
Sebastian Monnet Salle Boston
Sebastian Pallier Fencers Club London
Shaun Alderman Salle Holyrood
William Lonsdale Louth Fencing Club
Zayd El-Saie ZFW Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Adam Steiner London Fencing Club
Alastair Gerrard Brixton Fencing Club
Alessandro Lazzati Haverstock Fencing Club
Alexander Upcraft Unattached
Alex Papadopoulos Edinburgh Fencing Club
Benjamin Andrews Plymouth Fencing Club
Billy Shepherd Skipton Fencing Club
Edward Don Unattached
Elliott Grover Haverstock Fencing Club
Etienne De Burgh Haverstock Fencing Club
George Morris Leon Paul Epee
Greg Allen Haverstock Fencing Club
Idiris Ali Leon Paul Epee
Issa Alani Southampton Epee Club
Jack Bell Laszlo
James Jeal Wingerworth Fencing Club
Kareem Nasif London Fencing Club
Laurence Peplow Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Luke Jones Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Mark Richardson Wimbledon Fencing Club
Matthew Cooper Wingerworth Fencing Club
matthew goodwin Brentwood School Fencing Club
Michael Elston Salle Kiss Fencing Club
Neill Tannock ActiFence
Noah Blackmore Imperial College Union F.C
Oliver Wade Guernsey Fencing Academy
Paul Sanchez-Lethem Brixton Fencing Club
Samuel Boyle Leon Paul Epee
Seth Blackmore Dilettante
Tim Harding The Royal Tunbridge Wells Fencing Club
Timothy Devenport Leicester Fencing Club
William East Brixton Fencing Club
William Grealey Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
William Sturgeon Haverstock Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Awen Saunders Truro Fencing Club
Barnaby Halliwell Shakespeares Swords
Bryn Guy Leicester Fencing Club
Brynmor Saunders Truro Fencing Club
James Honeybone Truro Fencing Club
James Potter Camden Fencing Club
Nathan Potter Camden Fencing Club
Nicholas HOWES Truro Fencing Club
Peter Howes Truro Fencing Club
Stefan Leponis Stockport Sword Club
Zachary HAMILTON Shakespeares Swords
Competitor Name Club
Chiara McDermott Oxford Universtiy Fencing Club
Emily Warrender Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Hannah Smyth Fencers Club London
Madeleine Brown Laszlo
Philippa Mullins Salle Boston
Teagan Williams-Stewart Newham Swords
Zara Ali Queen Mary Barts and The London Fencing Club
Zoe Sudderick Edinburgh Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Abagael Black Plymouth Fencing Club
Abigail Watkins Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Amelia Dudley Leon Paul Epee
Bethan Plant Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Christine Steiner Haverstock Fencing Club
Christy MA Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Constance Simmonds Abingdon Fencing Club
Daisy Foniciello Edinburgh Fencing Club
Danielle Lawson Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Ellie Wigham University of Bristol Fencing Club
Fiona Grant St Andrews University Fencing Club
Hannah Nesbitt Leon Paul Epee
Helen Rowlands Laszlo
Helen Thouless Streatham Fencing Club
Holly Snellin Gravesham Fencing Club
Ingrid Heskett Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Julie Henson Affondo
Katrina Dungay West Fife Fencing Club
Katrina Smith Truro Fencing Club
Louise Sadler Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Maia Henderson-Roe Keszler Fencing Club
Margarette Oniye Haverstock Fencing Club
Mary Cohen Unattached
Nicola Hull Leon Paul Epee
Rachael LEVER Oundle Peterborough & Stamford Epee Club
Rachel Barnes Much Wenlock Fencing Club
Rebecca Wreyford Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Stella Lancey Cardiff Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Alexandra Davis Wrekin Sword Club
Catriona Thomson Sancroft Blades
Charlotte A. Wilson-Smith Salle Ossian Fencing Club
Jessica Corby Salle Ossian Fencing Club
Lucy Higham Salle Ossian Fencing Club
Michele Narey Bath Sword Club
Naomi Lee Shakespeares Swords