Entry summary for 2016 Southern Fencing Region Age Group Foil

Summary : 28 Entries
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Competitor Name Club
Adekunle Taiwo Unattached
Alek Miltchin Unattached
Alexander Gothard Unattached
Arthur Coryndon Unattached
Atakan Yavuz Unattached
Ben Lewin Unattached
Charlie Robbins Unattached
Christopher Rafferty Unattached
Edward Scott Payne Unattached
Edward Teather Unattached
Ethan Teale Unattached
Frederick Edgecliffe-Johnson Unattached
George Hunter Unattached
Hal Seed Unattached
Harry Frost Unattached
Hugo MULLER Unattached
Jayden Singh Gill Unattached
Joshua James-Lee Unattached
Louis Smith Unattached
Luigi Wallis Unattached
magnus garson Unattached
Marcel Bryne Unattached
Matthew Ryan Unattached
Michael Barber Unattached
Owen Wiseman Unattached
Seth Ryan Unattached
Stefan Hedley-Cheney Unattached
Zak Read Unattached
Competitor Name Club
Alexander Read Unattached
Alexandre Dugimont Unattached
Benjamin Simmonds Unattached
Ben Underwood Unattached
Edward Abbott Unattached
Edward Christophers Unattached
James Bryden Unattached
Jan Goede Unattached
Joseph Westlake Unattached
Joshua Biggs Unattached
Joss Holden Unattached
Jude Morgan-Dewar Unattached
Karol Stefan Krasnowolski Unattached
Lewis Barnes Unattached
Louis Gosling Unattached
Matthew Martyn Unattached
Noe Larousse Unattached
Samuel Ede Unattached
Sebastian Sheath Unattached
Spencer Carroll Unattached
Stanislaus Huepfl Unattached
Tashan Jones Unattached
Ted Purdy Unattached
William Bruce Unattached
Competitor Name Club
Adrian Yam Unattached
Ashwin Selvan Unattached
Colm Unger Unattached
Freddie Fagan Unattached
Harry Walden Unattached
Jacob Forey-Miller Unattached
Jonathan Long Unattached
Jonathan Yeates Unattached
Lewis Simpson Unattached
Oscar lhoste Unattached
Samuel WILSON Unattached
Sean Metcalfe Unattached
Sunny Yang Unattached
Theo Mcglone Unattached
Thomas Bryden Unattached
Thomas Mason Unattached
Tuom Laakkonen Unattached
Zharif Shahryn Unattached
Competitor Name Club
Christopher Gothard Unattached
Dominic De Almeida Unattached
Felix Sudderick Unattached
Frederick Selonke Unattached
Hugo Paine Unattached
James Duckworth Unattached
Kameron NICHOLAS Unattached
Kit Tod Unattached
Roshan Hindocha Unattached
samuel finch Unattached
Sebastian Sacchi Wilson Unattached
Seth Blackmore Unattached
Competitor Name Club
Alice Fletcher Unattached
Amelia Horsey Unattached
Celena Appleby-Prince Unattached
Darcy Herring Johnson Unattached
Esme Simpson-Hakes Unattached
Eva Reston Unattached
Grace George Unattached
India George Unattached
Jaymee Savill Unattached
Josephine Louis Unattached
Libby Gibbons Unattached
Olivia Attias Unattached
Rachel Raeburn-Ward Unattached
Rheanna Grace Centeno Jatulan Unattached
Sarah Boucher-Rowe Unattached
Summer Masood Unattached
Competitor Name Club
Abigail Quelch Unattached
Amelia Duckworth Unattached
Beatrice Reynard Unattached
Bethan Metcalfe Unattached
Eloise Kirkpatrick
Elysia Bidgood Unattached
Emily Beardmore Unattached
Emma Humphries Unattached
Eva Goldie Unattached
Hannah Mayer-Reich Unattached
Imogen Bulman Unattached
Imogen Edgecliffe-Johnson Unattached
Lauren Raeburn-Ward Unattached
Louise Windsor Unattached
Lucia Imi Unattached
Olivia O'Connell Unattached
Pascha Al-Qassab Unattached
Qian Yi Tan Unattached
Rhiannon Hales Unattached
Competitor Name Club
Alice Wright Unattached
Allegra Blu Bernstorff Unattached
Chloe Ward Unattached
Grace Brown Unattached
Heloise Hardie Unattached
Miriam Mayer-Rieckh Unattached
Phoebe Blackmore Unattached
Tara Hopson Unattached
Yasmin Campbell Unattached
Competitor Name Club
Abigail Rogers Unattached
Charlotte Fairman Unattached
Ela Kucharska Unattached
Imogen Fitzpatrick Unattached
Lois Fry Samuels Unattached
Millicent Field Unattached
Sabrina Martin Unattached
Serena Patel Unattached