Entry summary for 2018 Invicta Open Championship

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Competitor Name Club
Albert Chambers Cyrano Fencing Club
Alexander Frost Salle Boston
Alexander Jones Salle Kiss Fencing Club
Ben Attias Unattached
Caspar Soyoye Fencers Club London
Celyn Lewis Cardiff Fencing Club
Christopher Cleves London Fencing Club
Edward Scott Payne Abingdon Fencing Club
Ethan Ridsdale Russell Swords
gareth norris Hillingdon Musketeers
Isaac Jolley Chichester Fencing Club
Joe Banks Saxon Fencing Club
Kenny Jones Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Kiron Austin Fencers Club London
Matthew Abrahams ZFW Fencing Club
Matthew Cowley Salle Paul Fencing Club
Matthias Ossyra Salle Boston
Rajan Rai Newham Swords
Sebastian Monnet Salle Boston
Sebastian Pallier Fencers Club London
Stephen Haley London Fencing Club
Stephen Topp Salle Boston
Tiger Campbell Yates Fencers Club London
Competitor Name Club
Adam Lorand Haverstock Fencing Club
Adam Steiner London Fencing Club
Adrien Marois University Of Kent
Alex Edwards Army Fencing Union
Alfonso Valero Radcliffe Sword Club
Chavdar Panayotov Unattached
Ching-Ho Li Durham University Fencing Club
Dylan Ballard Leon Paul Epee
Edward Scott Payne Abingdon Fencing Club
Enrico Lupo Matteo Balducci London Fencing Club
Etienne De Burgh Haverstock Fencing Club
Fabio Valbuzzi Brixton Fencing Club
Finn Russell New Ash Green Epee Club
George Watkins Leon Paul Epee
Harry Couchman Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Idiris Ali Leon Paul Epee
Issa Alani Southampton Epee Club
James Wilton Tenterden Swords
Kareem Nasif London Fencing Club
Mark Richardson Wimbledon Fencing Club
Max Titmuss Leon Paul Epee
Noah Blackmore Imperial College Union F.C
Refe Tant Activ8
Sean Montgomery Crawley Sword Club
Seth Blackmore Dilettante
Thomas Wilton Tenterden Swords
Tim Harding The Royal Tunbridge Wells Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Benjamin Mitchell Mallard Fencing Club
Hugh Jackson Brighton & Hove Fencing Club
Jasper Tsao University Of Kent
mike smith Brighton & Hove Fencing Club
Richard Hall Guildford Fencing Club
Rubin Nash Royal Navy Fencing
Ryan Tan Leon Paul Sabre
Competitor Name Club
Ailsa Morrison Imperial College Union F.C
Aly Champion Fencers Club London
Caron Hale Raven Fencing Club
Catiuscha Lupinetti The City Fencing Club
Elizabeth Fraser Mallard Fencing Club
Erika Cserny Salle Boston
Georgia Silk Newham Swords
Hannah Smyth Fencers Club London
Helen Thouless Streatham Fencing Club
Olivia Attias Unattached
Sevil BABAEVA Fencers Club London
Teagan Williams-Stewart Newham Swords
Zara Ali Queen Mary Barts and The London Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Alexandra Bousfield Leon Paul Epee
Christine Steiner Haverstock Fencing Club
Constance Simmonds Abingdon Fencing Club
Heather Clarke Wickford Fencing Club
Helen Thouless Streatham Fencing Club
Holly Snellin Gravesham Fencing Club
Jennifer Wilson Army Fencing Union
Katherine Townsend Bath Sword Club
Katrina Dungay West Fife Fencing Club
Maia Henderson-Roe Keszler Fencing Club
Margaret Shepherd-Foster MX Fencing Club
Margarette Oniye Haverstock Fencing Club
Meri Abramenkova Gravesham Fencing Club
Pamela Schermann London Fencing Club
Philippa Bothwell Beauclerk Fencing Club
Sarah Spice Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Competitor Name Club
Helen Grimsley University Of Kent
Joanne Yeates Meopham & District F.C
Lucy Wright Seacourt Fencing Club