Entry summary for Fencers Club London Under 20 (Junior) Foil Ranking Tournament - Feb 2019

Summary : 37/42 Max Entries
Summary : 63/63 Max Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Morgan Allen Paul Davis Fencing Academy
Celena Appleby-Prince Salle Oxon
Olivia Barbieri Unaffiliated
Emily Beardmore Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Alice Campbell Newham Swords
Rhiannon Craig Herefordshire Fencing Club
Becci Curwen Millfield
Tabitha De N'Yeurt Bath Sword Club
Phoebe Dolan Fencers Club London
Imogen Edgecliffe-Johnson Aldershot Fencing Club
Madeleine Gale Brentwood School Fencing Club
Emily Gale Truro Fencing Club
Georgia Gardner Aldershot Fencing Club
Rhiannon Hales Unaffiliated
Heloise Hardie Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Isabella Keniston-Cooper Bath Sword Club
Eleanor Knox Newham Swords
Charlotte Macey Salle Boston
Scarlett MEURISSE Cobham Fencing Club
Jade Meyer Bath Sword Club
Amelia Middleton Fencers Club London
Olivia O'Connell Salle Boston
Sophie Peake Herefordshire Fencing Club
Amelia Price Paul Davis Fencing Academy
Abigail Quelch Salle Oxon
Lauren Ryder-Garcia Newham Swords
Rachel Shaw Newham Swords
Amy Sherratt Fencers Club London
Georgia Silk Newham Swords
Lili Sitanyi ZFW Fencing Club
Hannah Smyth Fencers Club London
Holly Thompson Cambridge Sword
Rosie Whitaker Chichester Fencing Club
Sydney Williams-Howe Marshall Fencing Club
Teagan Williams-Stewart Newham Swords
Sloane Yanicelli Battersea Foil
Competitor Name Club
ALI AL-MOHSIN Salle Paul Fencing Club
Ayaan Ansari Battersea Foil
Douggie ASHBY St Benedicts
Duncan Ashby St Benedicts
Ben Attias Salle Oxon
Kiron Austin Fencers Club London
Samuel Blair Louth Fencing Club
Joseph Blair Louth Fencing Club
Jamie Briggs Crawley Sword Club
Alexander Brincklow Colchester & District Fencing Club
Archie BROUGHTON Louth Fencing Club
Indio Campbell - Yates Fencers Club London
Tiger Campbell Yates Fencers Club London
Edward Christophers Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Angus Crawford Salle Holyrood
Thomas Crawford Dragon Fencing Club
Alexander Culkin Salle Paul Fencing Club
Alexander Cupper Millfield
Dylan Daniel ZFW Fencing Club
James Dolan Fencers Club London
Frederick Edgecliffe-Johnson Salle Boston
Jack Elsworth Brentwood School Fencing Club
Jacob Forey-Miller Newham Swords
Rocco Fuschillo ZFW Fencing Club
Macsen Gravelle Russell Swords
Harry Gray Chichester Fencing Club
Louis Guennou Fencers Club London
LACHLAN JARVIE Eltham College Fencing Club
Maxwell Jones Cobham Fencing Club
Dawood Khan Salle Boston
Alexis Lauga Cambridge Sword
Jacob Lewis Activ8
Evan Lowman Fencers Club London
Diego Marroquin Salle Paul Fencing Club
Alberto Mascioli St Benedicts
Finlay McAndrew Salle Holyrood
Joseph McDonald St Benedicts
Theo Mcglone Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Oscar Plant Millfield
Luca Plastow Salle Boston
Kyran Porter Fencers Club London
Woser Prossor Allez Fencing
Charlie Robbins Bath Sword Club
Dylan Roberts Millfield
Francesco Roccato Eltham College Fencing Club
Dominic Sampson Kenilworth Sword Fencing Club
Joshua Saunders Fencers Club London
Edward Scott Payne Swindon Fencing Club
Benjamin Simmonds Swindon Fencing Club
Caspar Soyoye Fencers Club London
Gabriel Steele West Fife Fencing Club
Dario Stenbeck-Schiavo ZFW Fencing Club
Oliver Strange Salle Paul Fencing Club
Dan Summerfield Fencers Club London
Douglas Takle Cobham Fencing Club
Liam Tate Laszlo
Christoph Wallendahl Salle Oxon
David Williams Millfield
Nicholas Williams Nottingham Cavaliers
Jay Williams Salle Oxon
Samuel WILSON Salle Boston
Will Yun-Farmbrough Salle Boston
Ethan Zazo ZFW Fencing Club