Entry summary for London Region Youth Championships 2019 Sabre and U16, U18 Foil

Summary : 1/6 Max Entries
Summary : 11/12 Max Entries
Summary : 16/18 Max Entries
Summary : 5/5 Max Entries
Summary : 8/12 Max Entries
Summary : 3/6 Max Entries
Summary : 2/6 Max Entries
Summary : 2/5 Max Entries
Summary : 13/18 Max Entries
Summary : 1/5 Max Entries
Summary : 1/6 Max Entries
Summary : 0/6 Max Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Sam Sykes Camden Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
George Cohen Camden Fencing Club
Alex Evans Unaffiliated
Frankie Lambe Thompson Camden Fencing Club
Amari Lawal Unaffiliated
Samuel Macdonald Camden Fencing Club
Magnus Pearce Camden Fencing Club
Dexter Shelmerdine St Benedicts
sidney sykes Camden Fencing Club
Christopher Vaughan St Benedicts
Gabriel Webster Camden Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
ALI AL-MOHSIN Salle Paul Fencing Club
Ayaan Ansari Battersea Foil
Joshua Bennett Saxon Fencing Club
Elias Giulivi Saxon Fencing Club
Shalang Kolas Salle Boston
Max Kovats Unaffiliated
Arjun Kumar Unaffiliated
Luca Marchese Hume Battersea Foil
Alberto Mascioli St Benedicts
Aaryan Pickering Kumar Saxon Fencing Club
Thierry Roy St Benedicts
Dario Stenbeck-Schiavo ZFW Fencing Club
Oliver Strange Salle Paul Fencing Club
Carlo Tarnai ZFW Fencing Club
Zacarias Val The Fencing School
Ethan Zazo ZFW Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Matthew Albert North London Sabre Club
EMILE BLANCHET Camden Fencing Club
Tom Borrett Dulwich College
Ethan HILTON Camden Fencing Club
Yue Shing Lee Dulwich College
Competitor Name Club
Duncan Ashby St Benedicts
Tiger Campbell Yates Fencers Club London
Mark Evgenev Unaffiliated
Louis Guennou Fencers Club London
Elias Kassouf St Benedicts
Joseph McDonald St Benedicts
Toby Overfield Finchley Foil Fencing Club
Luca Plastow Salle Boston
Competitor Name Club
Stefan Loizou St Benedicts
Kajetan MCDONNELL Camden Fencing Club
Jack Preston-Cowell Camden Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Amina Chaher Camden Fencing Club
Isobel Pearce Camden Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Ezgi Kocer Leon Paul Sabre
Lucie Lindsay Camden Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Defne Basak ZFW Fencing Club
Nadia Ben Khedher Unaffiliated
Evie Bullman Salle Paul Fencing Club
Katie Castillo-Bernaus Salle Boston
Sofia Emily Committeri King's Swords Fencing Club
Francesca Cottrell Kirby Saxon Fencing Club
Angelica Lawson St Benedicts
Charlotte Macey Salle Boston
Amelia Middleton Fencers Club London
Olivia O'Connell Salle Boston
Lili Sitanyi ZFW Fencing Club
Sloane Yanicelli Battersea Foil
jing zhao Salle Paul Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Angelica Lawson St Benedicts
Competitor Name Club
Amanda Mond Fencers Club London
Competitor Name Club

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