Entry summary for Invicta Open Championship

Summary : 66/112 Max Entries
Summary : 76/112 Max Entries
Summary : 21/56 Max Entries
Summary : 36 Entries
Summary : 26 Entries
Summary : 14 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Matthew Abrahams ZFW Fencing Club
Thomas Adams Salle Boston
Ben Alison University Of Kent
Ahmed Amer Unaffiliated
Ben Andrews Salle Boston
Kiron Austin Fencers Club London
Paul Baillache The City Fencing Club
Aidan Baird Abingdon Fencing Club
Joe Banks Saxon Fencing Club
Joshua Bennett Saxon Fencing Club
Alexander Berezov Unaffiliated
Jai Birch ZFW Fencing Club
Owen Birch Bury St Edmunds Fencing Club
Christopher Brasted London Fencing Club
Martin Carter Salle Oxon
Hymn Chan Unaffiliated
Christopher Cleves Unaffiliated
Peter Coleman University Of Kent
Steve Darroux Cyrano Fencing Club
Alistair Delboyer Radcliffe Sword Club
Patrick Dempsey Saxon Fencing Club
Ronnie Devitt Cyrano Fencing Club
Hugo Di Francesco Unaffiliated
Alexander Fairbairn Mallard Fencing Club
Jacob Forey-Miller Newham Swords
Adrien Gallet Sheffield University Fencing Club
Scott Gibbons Mallard Fencing Club
Owen Grosvenor Salle Boston
Louis Guennou Fencers Club London
William Guild Unaffiliated
Stephen Haley London Fencing Club
Mark Hall Saxon Fencing Club
Paul Harden Saxon Fencing Club
Dale Harrington-Johnson Salle Boston
John Hyde Tenterden Swords
Thomas JAMES Invicta Fencing Club
Isaac Jolley Chichester Fencing Club
Jed Kellaway Newham Swords
Moses Konsue University Of Kent
Arjun Kumar Unaffiliated
Gerard Lavin Salle Boston
Paul Lowen Saxon Fencing Club
Shawn Low Ting Sen University Of Kent
Harrison Majithia Royal Holloway Fencing Club
Diego Marroquin Salle Paul Fencing Club
Matthew McNamara University Of Kent
Ali Mesbahi Unaffiliated
Sebastian Monnet Salle Boston
Michael Naulls Norfolk Fencing Club
Matthias Ossyra Salle Boston
James Page Fencers Club London
Sebastian Pallier Fencers Club London
KEVIN PARKER Sittingbourne Swords Fencing Club
Ryan Perkins Salle Boston
Aaryan Pickering Kumar Saxon Fencing Club
William Price Saxon Fencing Club
thomas prince Mallard Fencing Club
Aazim Qawi Unaffiliated
Joseph Rawson Salle Boston
Lorenzo Rossi Salle Boston
Hussain Sadiq Academy Blades Club
Babatunde (Femi) Sangowawa Unaffiliated
David Standen Unaffiliated
Patrick Stillman University Of Kent
Pranav Thakkar Saxon Fencing Club
Vinson Wong St Andrews University Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Issa Alani Southampton Epee Club
Idiris Ali Leicester Fencing Club
Ben Alison University Of Kent
Anthony Avis Brixton Fencing Club
Kola Ayanwale Leon Paul Epee
Jeremy Baker Leon Paul Epee
Enrico Lupo Matteo Balducci London Fencing Club
Keith Barnett Truro Fencing Club
Lawrence Beadle Haverstock Fencing Club
Peter Beadle Chichester Fencing Club
Antoine Belot Escrime Academy
Seth Blackmore Dilettante
Colin Boardman Eastbourne Fencing Club
Andrew Brown Bedford Fencing Club
Manuel Capelo Tenterden Swords
David Carr Meopham & District F.C
Chun Ho Jonathan Cheng Haverstock Fencing Club
Tom Chrisp Wingerworth Fencing Club
Jamie Crawley New Ash Green Epee Club
Matthew David Wimbledon Fencing Club
Etienne De Burgh Haverstock Fencing Club
Sebastian Degen Espada Fencing Club
Stephen Domek Unattached
George Dunmow Leon Paul Epee
Pete Eames Leon Paul Epee
William East Brixton Fencing Club
Colin Eldridge Portsmouth & Southsea Fencing Club
Steve Elliott Crawley Sword Club
Mark Evans Colchester & District Fencing Club
James Fleming-Fido Sittingbourne Swords Fencing Club
James Frewin Brixton Fencing Club
James Greenleaf Egham Fencing Club
Adham Hamdy Unaffiliated
Tim Harding The Royal Tunbridge Wells Fencing Club
Michael Harker Crawley Sword Club
Mark Harrison Haverstock Fencing Club
Daniel Herbert Royal Holloway Fencing Club
John Hyde Tenterden Swords
Joe Joyner Gravesham Fencing Club
Jason Lau University Of Kent
Mark Lauchlan Wallace Fencing Academy
Ching-Ho Li Durham University Fencing Club
Harris Makatsoris Leon Paul Epee
Enrico Mariconti Haverstock Fencing Club
Jonathan Mason Churchill Fencing Club
Luke Mason Churchill Fencing Club
Niall Maynard Egham Fencing Club
Marcus Messer Espada Fencing Club
Will Miller Eastbourne Fencing Club
Maxton Milner Brixton Fencing Club
Gavin Moulton Streatham Fencing Club
Stephan Munn Haverstock Fencing Club
Taran Nicholls New Ash Green Epee Club
Nikos Nikolaou London Thames Fencing Club
Brooks Norman Dream Fencing Club
James Odgers Brixton Fencing Club
Harry Peck Brixton Fencing Club
David Perkins Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Simon Pink Leon Paul Epee
Mark Richardson Wimbledon Fencing Club
Finn Russell New Ash Green Epee Club
Marco Russo Brixton Fencing Club
Alexander Seale Saxon Fencing Club
Jason Smith Crawley Sword Club
Daniel Smythe Unaffiliated
Chin Hong Sze Leon Paul Epee
Christopher Szkoda The City Fencing Club
Neill Tannock Unaffiliated
Refe Tant Activ8
Zak Wheeler Colchester & District Fencing Club
Dan White Wantage Fencing Club
Julian Williams Milton Keynes Fencing Club
Harry Williams Horsham Fencing Club
CHARLIE WINTER The Royal Tunbridge Wells Fencing Club
Shu Ching Boris Wong Leon Paul Epee
Daniele Zorzato Kings College London Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
William Ashenden MX Fencing Club
Paul Baillache The City Fencing Club
Aidan Baird Abingdon Fencing Club
Lewis Barnes Espada Fencing Club
Jules Claeys University Of Kent
Andrew Collings Crawley Sword Club
Allan Garmonsway Watford Fencing Club
Richard Hall Guildford Fencing Club
Stuart Harris Mallard Fencing Club
Ashley Hoyle Royal Navy Fencing
Luca Innamorato Leon Paul Sabre
Iain McClure MX Fencing Club
Carl Morris Unaffiliated
Samuel Ogden Unaffiliated
Cheng Yeen Pak Queen Mary Barts and The London Fencing Club
Ryan Tan Leon Paul Sabre
Kielan Todd Mallard Fencing Club
Jasper Tsao University Of Kent
Daniel Wide University Of Surrey
Brian Wilson Saxon Fencing Club
Pawel Zakiewicz Wimbledon Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Zara Ali Escrime Academy
Emily Beardmore Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Nadia Ben Khedher Unaffiliated
Laura Botsford Saxon Fencing Club
Alice Campbell Newham Swords
Gwyneth Thea Cloa University Of Kent
Joanne Cornish Cambridgeshire Fencing Club
Erika Cserny Salle Boston
Molly Devine Royal Holloway Fencing Club
Helen Easter Tenterden Swords
Lauren Elliott Crawley Sword Club
Elizabeth Fraser Mallard Fencing Club
Tamara Gavrilenko Unaffiliated
Alli Gibbons Mallard Fencing Club
Rukia Hill University of Leicester Fencing
Nicola Hull Leon Paul Epee
Eleanor Knox Newham Swords
Clemence Le Cornec Unaffiliated
Catiuscha Lupinetti The City Fencing Club
Oxana Mikhaleva Salle Boston
Hiu Nam Royal Holloway Fencing Club
Eva Ngendo Unaffiliated
Elyse Ronzier University Of Kent
Faye Russell Cambridgeshire Fencing Club
Rachel Shaw Newham Swords
Georgia Silk Newham Swords
Monica Sisiu Wimbledon Fencing Club
Hannah Smyth Fencers Club London
Inesa Soghoyan Angels London Fencing Club
Helen Thouless Brixton Fencing Club
Evita Vorobjova Bath Sword Club
Rosie Whitaker Chichester Fencing Club
Teagan Williams-Stewart Newham Swords
Lucy-Belle Williamson Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club
Lexie Williamson Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club
Jessica Zhang Salle Boston
Competitor Name Club
Carol Ashman Cambridgeshire Fencing Club
Hannah Atkins Tenterden Swords
Philippa Bothwell Cardiff Fencing Club
Heather Clarke Wickford Fencing Club
Joanne Cornish Cambridgeshire Fencing Club
Helen Easter Tenterden Swords
Fiona Grant Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Ingrid Heskett Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Jacqueline Hibbert The City Fencing Club
Rukia Hill University of Leicester Fencing
Nicola Hull Leon Paul Epee
Maria Kidyamkina University College London Fencing Club
Magdalena Lewandowska Colchester & District Fencing Club
Mariette Mason Leon Paul Epee
Ashley Ng Unaffiliated
Margarette Oniye Haverstock Fencing Club
Helena Rodríguez Caro Oxford Universtiy Fencing Club
Pamela Schermann London Fencing Club
Bethania Soriano Brixton Fencing Club
Emily Southern Brixton Fencing Club
Sarah Spice Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Christine Steiner London Fencing Club
Emma Tearse University Of East Anglia Fencing Club
Helen Thouless Brixton Fencing Club
Caroline Van Eldik University Of Kent
Lulu Willett Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Competitor Name Club
Silvia Brown Bedford Fencing Club
Stella Donati MX Fencing Club
Jacqueline Esimaje-Heath Camden Fencing Club
Helen Grimsley University Of Kent
Rosie Hoult Mallard Fencing Club
LAUREN KAN North London Sabre Club
Zoe Kenyon Vaughan Mallard Fencing Club
Caroline Martin MX Fencing Club
Rebecca Martin University College London Fencing Club
Evelyn Qian Oxford Universtiy Fencing Club
Nibras Balqis Sakkir University Of Kent
Shirley Smith-newsam Unaffiliated
Lucy Wright Seacourt Fencing Club
Joanne Yeates Mallard Fencing Club