Entry summary for Invicta Open Championship

Summary : 14/112 Max Entries
Summary : 20/112 Max Entries
Summary : 7/56 Max Entries
Summary : 8 Entries
Summary : 11 Entries
Summary : 3 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Matthew Abrahams ZFW Fencing Club
Kiron Austin Fencers Club London
Jai Birch ZFW Fencing Club
Christopher Brasted London Fencing Club
Christopher Cleves Unaffiliated
Owen Grosvenor Salle Boston
Stephen Haley London Fencing Club
John Hyde Tenterden Swords
Isaac Jolley Chichester Fencing Club
Diego Marroquin Salle Paul Fencing Club
Sebastian Monnet Salle Boston
James Page Fencers Club London
Sebastian Pallier Fencers Club London
Vinson Wong St Andrews University Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Issa Alani Southampton Epee Club
Jeremy Baker Leon Paul Epee
Keith Barnett Truro Fencing Club
Peter Beadle Chichester Fencing Club
Lawrence Beadle Haverstock Fencing Club
Andrew Brown Bedford Fencing Club
Etienne De Burgh Haverstock Fencing Club
Stephen Domek Unattached
William East Brixton Fencing Club
James Frewin Brixton Fencing Club
John Hyde Tenterden Swords
Mark Lauchlan Wallace Fencing Academy
Ching-Ho Li Durham University Fencing Club
Niall Maynard Egham Fencing Club
Maxton Milner Brixton Fencing Club
Mark Richardson Wimbledon Fencing Club
Daniel Smythe Unaffiliated
Christopher Szkoda The City Fencing Club
Refe Tant Activ8
Harry Williams Horsham Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
William Ashenden MX Fencing Club
Richard Hall Guildford Fencing Club
Iain McClure MX Fencing Club
Carl Morris Unaffiliated
Ryan Tan Leon Paul Sabre
Kielan Todd Mallard Fencing Club
Pawel Zakiewicz Wimbledon Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Zara Ali Escrime Academy
Emily Beardmore Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Alice Campbell Newham Swords
Nicola Hull Leon Paul Epee
Catiuscha Lupinetti The City Fencing Club
Oxana Mikhaleva Salle Boston
Rachel Shaw Newham Swords
Jessica Zhang Salle Boston
Competitor Name Club
Carol Ashman Cambridgeshire Fencing Club
Hannah Atkins Tenterden Swords
Philippa Bothwell Cardiff Fencing Club
Heather Clarke Wickford Fencing Club
Ingrid Heskett Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Jacqueline Hibbert The City Fencing Club
Nicola Hull Leon Paul Epee
Margarette Oniye Haverstock Fencing Club
Pamela Schermann London Fencing Club
Emma Tearse University Of East Anglia Fencing Club
Lulu Willett Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Competitor Name Club
Silvia Brown Bedford Fencing Club
Shirley Smith-newsam Unaffiliated
Lucy Wright Seacourt Fencing Club