Entry summary for South East Region Epee

Summary : 23 Entries
Summary : 10 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Peter Beadle Chichester Fencing Club
Colin Boardman Eastbourne Fencing Club
Finley Braund Lewes Fencing Club
David Browning Army Fencing Union
Max Bushby Cobham Fencing Club
Manuel Capelo Tenterden Swords
David Carr Meopham & District F.C
Brian Causton Brighton & Hove Fencing Club
Harry Couchman Tenterden Swords
Morgan Davies Crawley Sword Club
Steve Elliott Crawley Sword Club
Walter Hall Lewes Fencing Club
Daniel Herbert Egham Fencing Club
Alexander Lambert Unaffiliated
Patrick Lawler Tenterden Swords
Gregory Ledward Lewes Fencing Club
Will Miller Eastbourne Fencing Club
Gavin Moulton Streatham Fencing Club
Dominik Nawrocki Egham Fencing Club
rushil shukla New Ash Green Epee Club
Jason Smith Crawley Sword Club
George Trant Lewes Fencing Club
Jim Whelan Portslade Fencing Centre
Competitor Name Club
Hannah Atkins Tenterden Swords
Rosemary Barnard Lewes Fencing Club
Della Bowley Lewes Fencing Club
Amelia Dudley Leon Paul Epee
Kathryn Evans Chichester Fencing Club
Ingrid Heskett Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Freya Maurice-Jones Crawley Sword Club
Margarette Oniye Haverstock Fencing Club
Sophie Purcell Crawley Sword Club
samantha spence Cobham Fencing Club