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Competitor Name Club
Mohammed Belbouab Newham Swords
Raphael Bertrand Sussex House Fencing Club
Gus Booth Salle Boston
Matias Caceres Eltham College Fencing Club
Maxime Charbonnier Escrime Academy
Eric Chen Fence Like An Olympian
Samuel Cloke Kenilworth Sword Fencing Club
Shemsi Erkman Sussex House Fencing Club
George Fauset Sussex House Fencing Club
Tommy Fitzpatrick Unaffiliated
Griffin Genieser Sussex House Fencing Club
Scandrett Harford Sussex House Fencing Club
Caspian Heal Sussex House Fencing Club
Anton Henkell von Ribbentrop Sussex House Fencing Club
Timur Hursever Unaffiliated
Benjamin Keogh ZFW Fencing Club
Alexei Kubzin Eltham College Fencing Club
Ethan Bingxuan Li Salle Boston
Ashton Lowe Cambridge Sword
David Mitrache Unaffiliated
Olaf Munk Salle Boston
Krish Murali Salle Boston
Oscar Rold Sussex House Fencing Club
Tarek Said Sussex House Fencing Club
Jagroop Shergill Newham Swords
Timur Soyata Fence Like An Olympian
William Stirling Sussex House Fencing Club
Maksim Vassiljev Newham Swords
Competitor Name Club
Noah Bertrand Sussex House Fencing Club
David Bishay Newham Swords
Paul Bowles Sussex House Fencing Club
Ethan Brown Eltham College Fencing Club
Luca Businaro ZFW Fencing Club
Maxim Carpenter Salle Boston
Johnny Carrell Cambridge Sword
Sean Chen Fence Like An Olympian
Aleksey Choi Unaffiliated
Billy Craven Colchester & District Fencing Club
Ashley Crees Salle Paul Fencing Club
Oscar Cummins The Fencing School
Ethan Dakin Fernwood Sword Club
William Edwards Fence Like An Olympian
Luca Florea Russell Swords
Sebastian Franz Sussex House Fencing Club
Graydon Genieser Sussex House Fencing Club
Alexander Heal Sussex House Fencing Club
James Huang Fence Like An Olympian
Alexander James Russell Swords
Finn Keen Fencers Club London
Rishi Khajuria Sussex House Fencing Club
Caspian Lee Sussex House Fencing Club
Finn Murphy Salle Boston
Khari Peterkin Newham Swords
Oscar Pouw Eltham College Fencing Club
Sebastiano Rebonato-Scott Salle Boston
Daniel Smith Fence Like An Olympian
Henry Stirling Sussex House Fencing Club
Conaill Taggart Fence Like An Olympian
Yaqub Wagdi Salle Paul Fencing Club
Orlando White Sussex House Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Julian Amore ZFW Fencing Club
Mihkel Archer Newham Swords
Lev Bosky Unaffiliated
Indio Campbell - Yates Fencers Club London
J. Davis Dore Cobham Fencing Club
Oliver Downing Salle Boston
Callum Evans Chester Fencing : Salle Scipanovs
Peter Flanagan Fence Like An Olympian
Sasha Georget-Roukline Battersea Foil
Varun Goel Russell Swords
Alexander Harris Blackheath Fencing Club
Isaac Heathcoat Amory Sussex House Fencing Club
Joshua Hemmings Radcliffe Sword Club
Phillip Henkell von Ribbentrop Sussex House Fencing Club
George Hills Newham Swords
Oliver Hughes Cobham Fencing Club
William Lauga Cambridge Sword
Zed Law Cobham Fencing Club
Ruofei Lu Cambridge Sword
Ted Newey Cambridge Sword
Samuel Phillips Allez Fencing
Joezinho Savage Blackheath Fencing Club
Samuelis Savickas Allez Fencing
Faraz Shah Eltham College Fencing Club
Isak Sigurdsson Fence Like An Olympian
Alastair Thompson Sussex House Fencing Club
Szymon Turkiewicz Fence Like An Olympian
Ben Turner ZFW Fencing Club
Lazaro Val The Fencing School
Matteo Vicini Cambridge Sword
Xavier Wallin Cobham Fencing Club
James Young The Fencing School
Competitor Name Club
Zara Chamorro ZFW Fencing Club
Eva Chamorro ZFW Fencing Club
Aurelia Charbonnier Escrime Academy
Emily Clement Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Safiyah Eslami Newham Swords
Inés Goyarrola Salle Boston
Abigail Honisett Brentwood School Fencing Club
Yuki Irwin Unaffiliated
Katie Johnson Fencers Club London
Erin McAlister-Colacio Fence Like An Olympian
Kirsty McMullan Fence Like An Olympian
Lauren Thompson Sussex House Fencing Club
Olivia White ZFW Fencing Club
Juliette Williams Newham Swords
Competitor Name Club
Victoria Amore ZFW Fencing Club
Maddi Beard Bryant Blades
Joelle Chow Salle Paul Fencing Club
Elise Lepart Newham Swords
Isabella Manlangit Newham Swords
Gabriela Moran Salle Boston
Paula Muth Salle Boston
sofia pecce The Fencing School
Cecily Romer Salle Boston
Sofia Santese Donati The Fencing School
Alexia Scotiniadis Cobham Fencing Club
Anya Stafford Cambridge Sword
Regina Tassi The Fencing School
Emily Walshe The Fencing School
Competitor Name Club
Nathalie Culkin Salle Paul Fencing Club
Stephanie Currie Liverpool Fencing Club
Megan Elliott Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Zaynab Eslami Newham Swords
Marisa Green ZFW Fencing Club
Catherine Hanna Fencers Club London
Sophie Mehra ZFW Fencing Club
Ruby Roberts Salle Paul Fencing Club
Lauren Ryder-Garcia Newham Swords
Verity Sampson Kenilworth Sword Fencing Club
Bo Seaborn Colchester & District Fencing Club
Sophie Tsang Newham Swords
Nicole Vaktskjold-Palm The Fencing School
Lyla Waller Battersea Foil
Phoebe Williams Cobham Fencing Club
Huaiyu Wu Salle Paul Fencing Club
B.B. Yanicelli Battersea Foil

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