Entry summary for Shropshire Open 2019

Summary : 9 Entries
Summary : 9 Entries
Summary : 4 Entries
Summary : 3 Entries
Summary : 3 Entries
Summary : 5 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Ben Bates Bath Sword Club
john court Stourbridge Fencing Club
Luke Crowley Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club
Alexander Cupper Millfield
Mike McKay Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club
Oliver Nash Kenilworth Sword Fencing Club
Robin Priestley Cocks Moors Woods Fencing Club
Charlie Robbins Bath Sword Club
DAVID SYSUM Cotswold Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Guy Anderson Unaffiliated
Andrew Brown Bedford Fencing Club
Jonathan Mason Churchill Fencing Club
Oliver Massey Aberystwyth Fencing Club
William Meredith-Davies Cardiff Fencing Club
David Neve RAF Fencing Union
Timothy Pearce Wrekin Sword Club
Adrian Stoneman Cardiff Fencing Club
David Victory Unaffiliated
Competitor Name Club
Kevin Alexander Kingston Fencing Club
Jonathan Bellamy Leicester Fencing Club
Michael Compton Cotswold Fencing Club
Mitchell Neale Wrekin Sword Club
Competitor Name Club
Rhiannon Craig Herefordshire Fencing Club
Stephanie Currie Liverpool Fencing Club
Gillian Worman Saxon Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Pamela Fairweather Cardiff Fencing Club
Marilyn Hardy Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
Paula Sullivan Foiled Again Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Silvia Brown Bedford Fencing Club
Alexandra Davis Wrekin Sword Club
Wendy Harrison Shakespeares Swords
Michele Narey Bath Sword Club
Harriet Terrington Stockport Sword Club