Entry summary for Welsh Open 2019

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Competitor Name Club
Matthew Abrahams ZFW Fencing Club
ALI AL-MOHSIN Salle Paul Fencing Club
Shaun Alderman Salle Holyrood
Ben Alison University Of Kent
Ben Andrews Salle Boston
Duncan Ashby St Benedicts
Douggie ASHBY Unaffiliated
Kiron Austin Fencers Club London
James Barber Academy Zorro Club
Ben Bates Bath Sword Club
Tomas Behrens Russell Swords
Alexander Berezov Academy Zorro Club
Simon Blackwell Nottingham Cavaliers
Samuel Blair Louth Fencing Club
Alexander Brincklow Colchester & District Fencing Club
Joshua Burn Fencers Club London
Indio Campbell - Yates Fencers Club London
Tiger Campbell Yates Fencers Club London
Thomas Cann Unaffiliated
Bryan Cheng Oxford University Fencing Club
Edward Christophers Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Matthew Cowley University of Bath Fencing Club
Luke Crowley Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club
Alexander Cupper Millfield
Jack Davies University of Bath Fencing Club
Patrick Dempsey Saxon Fencing Club
Nicholas Dootson Salle Holyrood
Frederick Edgecliffe-Johnson Salle Boston
Joel Evans Guernsey Fencing Academy
Cameron Evans ZFW Fencing Club
Daniel Feaster Unaffiliated
Jacob Forey-Miller Newham Swords
Jonas Francois Bristol Fencing Club
Robin Gerlach Oxford University Fencing Club
Harry Gray Chichester Fencing Club
Louis Guennou Fencers Club London
Harri Hayes Russell Swords
Oliver Howarth Russell Swords
Edmund Howlett ZFW Fencing Club
Josh Hunter Academy Blades Club
Jake Hurst Millfield
Alexander Jones University of Nottingham
Jed Kellaway Newham Swords
Joseph Kerr Cocks Moors Woods Fencing Club
Dawood Khan Salle Boston
James Kloss Russell Swords
Austin Knight Unaffiliated
Moses Konsue University Of Kent
Max Kovats Academy Zorro Club
Verner Krynauw Millfield
Arjun Kumar Academy Zorro Club
Alexis Lauga Cambridge Sword
Man Kit Lee Russell Swords
Celyn Lewis Cardiff Fencing Club
Evan Lowman Fencers Club London
Rowan Luney Fence Like An Olympian
Finn Manning Cardiff University
Joel Mason Nottingham Cavaliers
Joseph McDonald Unaffiliated
Theo Mcglone Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Mike McKay Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club
Matthew McLaughlan Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club
Finn McMullan Fence Like An Olympian
Valentin Mesnager Reading Fencing Club
Charles Mita Unaffiliated
Jacob Mitchell Millfield
Jarred Mittelholzer Herefordshire Fencing Club
James Edward Moore Chester Fencing : Salle Scipanovs
Jens Nandlal-White Unaffiliated
Jin Han Ngan Lancaster University Fencing Club
Alex OBrien Russell Swords
Matthias Ossyra Salle Boston
James Page Fencers Club London
Sebastian Pallier Fencers Club London
Victor Paraschiv London Fencing Club
Camille Perrin Salle Boston
Luca Plastow Salle Boston
Kyran Porter Fencers Club London
Matt Powell Birmingham Fencing Club
thomas prince Mallard Fencing Club
Aazim Qawi Unaffiliated
Joseph Rawson Salle Boston
Luke Rees Nottingham Cavaliers
Charlie Robbins Bath Sword Club
Dylan Roberts Millfield
James Rutherford Fernwood Sword Club
Aniis Rymansaib Aberystwyth Fencing Club
Dominic Sampson Kenilworth Sword Fencing Club
Alexandre Schlindwein Cambridge University Fencing Club
Edward Scott Payne Leon Paul Epee
Benjamin Shepherd Unaffiliated
Daniel Sigurdsson Fence Like An Olympian
Benjamin Simmonds Swindon Fencing Club
oliver skeen Unaffiliated
Alex Smith Unaffiliated
Alfie Smith Northampton Fencing Club
Gabriel Steele Salle Holyrood
Patrick Stillman University Of Kent
Jonathan Strevens Herefordshire Fencing Club
Felix Sudderick Liverpool Fencing Club
Velota Sung Birmingham Fencing Club
DAVID SYSUM Cotswold Fencing Club
Pranav Thakkar Saxon Fencing Club
Lucas Wagner Unaffiliated
Christoph Wallendahl Oxford University Fencing Club
Aidan Watkins Salle Boston
Alec Watson Oxford University Fencing Club
Benjamin Webb Cocks Moors Woods Fencing Club
Stephen Whatley Keele University Fencing Club
David Williams Millfield
Robert Williams Salle Boston
Jay Williams Salle Boston
Samuel WILSON Salle Boston
Ethan Zazo Fencers Club London
Competitor Name Club
Gregor Abercromby Unattached
Ben Alison University Of Kent
Jack Amor Millfield
Ben Atkins Cardiff Fencing Club
Anthony Avis Brixton Fencing Club
Jeremy Baker Leon Paul Epee
Dylan Ballard Dilettante
Antoine Belot Escrime Academy
Tobias Berry Knightsbridge Fencing Club
Gautam Bhatia Oxford University Fencing Club
Samuel Boyle Leon Paul Epee
Rob Brooks Bath Sword Club
Jack Cafaro Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
David Carr Meopham & District F.C
Chun Ho Jonathan Cheng Haverstock Fencing Club
Nick Clapham Newton Abbot Fencing Club
Matthew Cooper Derbyshire Epee Academy
Charles Cox Warwick University Fencing Club
Etienne De Burgh Haverstock Fencing Club
Ben Dishman Bath Sword Club
Benjamin Dixon Unaffiliated
Edward Don Unaffiliated
George Dunmow Leon Paul Epee
William East Brixton Fencing Club
Owen Edwards Leon Paul Epee
Alex Edwards Army Fencing Union
Henry Fazakerley Blackheath Fencing Club
Jacob Foulsham Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Jan Gerboc Derbyshire Epee Academy
Kieran Gilmore Edinburgh Fencing Club
Jem Green Four of Clubs
Jonathan Grieves Unaffiliated
James Harper Bath Sword Club
Christopher Hay Unaffiliated
Adam Hogarth University Of Kent
Jack Hughes Tiverton Swords
Bryan Hui Leon Paul Epee
Nicholas Jackson Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Hal Jones Millfield
Owen Jordan Leon Paul Epee
Matthew Keppie Derbyshire Epee Academy
Jonathon Lambert Southampton Epee Club
Noe Larousse Abingdon Vale Fencing Club
Patrick Lawler Tenterden Swords
John Leahey Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Ching-Ho Li Durham University Fencing Club
Adam Lorand Leon Paul Epee
Jonathan Mason Churchill Fencing Club
Dominic Maxwell RAF Fencing Union
Connor McGee University of Nottingham
William Meredith-Davies Cardiff Fencing Club
Daniel Miller Bristol White Eagle Fencing Club
Jacob Mitchell Millfield
Stephan Munn Haverstock Fencing Club
David Neve RAF Fencing Union
Strabo Newman Millfield
Stephen Northam Birmingham Fencing Club
Rupert Nute Whitchurch Fencing Club
William Osborne Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Oliver Paine Durham University Fencing Club
Jon Pritchett Durham University Fencing Club
Michael Ramsden Northampton Fencing Club
Leonid Reznikovich Chelsea Fencing Club
Marcus Richards Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
James Euan Russell Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Edward Scott Payne Leon Paul Epee
Andrew Shearn Bath Sword Club
Morfran Snare Unaffiliated
Jonathan Stanbury Unaffiliated
Patrick Stillman University Of Kent
Adrian Stoneman Cardiff Fencing Club
William Sturgeon Leon Paul Epee
Felix Sudderick Liverpool Fencing Club
Callum Sutherland Elgin Duellist Fencing Club
Chin Hong Sze Leon Paul Epee
Alexander Truuvert Leon Paul Epee
David Victory Unaffiliated
George Watkins Leon Paul Epee
Jack White Bristol White Eagle Fencing Club
Dan White Reading Fencing Club
Joshua Wong Durham University Fencing Club
Mark Wood Wrekin Sword Club
George Woodley Millfield
Colin Woodley Millfield
Lance Wu Millfield
Competitor Name Club
Soji Aiyenuro Camden Fencing Club
Kevin Alexander Kingston Fencing Club
Gethin ap Phylip Barti Ddu Fencing Club
Michael Bales University of Nottingham
Lewis Barnes Espada Fencing Club
Shaun Bate Unaffiliated
Graham Berney-Dale Ursa Fencing
Joshua Biggs Espada Fencing Club
Stan Bowley Esprit
Adam Chaddock Warwick University Fencing Club
Andrew Chan Unattached
Jules Claeys University Of Kent
Liam Croft Shakespeares Swords
Kieran Dowse MX Fencing Club
Phil Elliott Camden Fencing Club
Richard Foster Unaffiliated
Dylan Galazka Russell Swords
Charles Gellett MX Fencing Club
Samuel Gibbs Camden Fencing Club
Vinnie Gillespie Millfield
olympios gougoulias Shakespeares Swords
Rowan Guy Leicester Fencing Club
Bryn Guy Leicester Fencing Club
Zachary HAMILTON Shakespeares Swords
George Harris Kingston Fencing Club
Max Haslewood Unaffiliated
WILLIAM HILL Royal Navy Fencing
Meirion Hills Cardiff Fencing Club
Ian Ho Camden Fencing Club
Loek Janssen Camden Fencing Club
Joel Kaufman-Hill Barnstaple Fencing Club
Ben King-Sanders Millfield
Georgi Koyrushki Camden Fencing Club
Wai Yu Kwan KK Fencing Club
James Le Maitre Guernsey Fencing Academy
Mo Mansoori Kingston Fencing Club
James Martin MX Fencing Club
Thomas Martin Russell Swords
Iain McClure MX Fencing Club
Alasdair McIntyre Camden Fencing Club
Warick Mitchell-Gough RAF Fencing Union
Decordoba Mitchell-Rowe Blackheath Fencing Club
Carl Morris Unaffiliated
Rubin Nash Royal Navy Fencing
Mitchell Neale Wrekin Sword Club
Henry Newton Russell Swords
Colin Penn Unaffiliated
Steve Pope Camden Fencing Club
Andrew Pritchard London Fencing Club
Charles Rockett Foiled Again Fencing Club
Jack Stamper-Watling Bath Sword Club
Stephen Whatley Keele University Fencing Club
Brian Wilson Saxon Fencing Club
Calum Wilson Shakespeares Swords
John Wilson Warwick University Fencing Club
Sunny Yang Espada Fencing Club
Competitor Name Club
Zara Ali Escrime Academy
Sevil BABAEVA Fencers Club London
Olivia Barbieri Russell Swords
Emily Beardmore Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Lauren Begbour Club Escrime Winchester
Louisa Britton Unaffiliated
Susan Ann Brooks Bath Sword Club
Chloe Campbell University of Stirling Fencing Club
Alice Campbell Newham Swords
Evita Chan Millfield
Julie Clerc Bristol Fencing Club
Martha Conchie Bristol Cavaliers
Amalia Couzoff Academy Blades Club
Rhiannon Craig Herefordshire Fencing Club
Becci Curwen Bath Sword Club
Phoebe Dawe Russell Swords
Phoebe Dolan Fencers Club London
Victoria Duxbury Cotswold Fencing Club
Beth ELLIS Russell Swords
Charlotte Fairman Saxon Fencing Club
Chloe Fielding Heriot Watt University Fencing Club
Antonia Finkenstaedt Millfield
Elizabeth Fraser Mallard Fencing Club
Emily Gale Truro Fencing Club
Tamara Gavrilenko Unaffiliated
Catriona Gilmour University of Bath Fencing Club
Emily Goodchild Fighting Fit Fencing Club
Bronwen Granville Bath Sword Club
jenna griffiths Radcliffe Sword Club
Caron Hale Bristol Fencing Club
Rhiannon Hales Salle Boston
Eilidh Hall Wallace Fencing Academy
Emma Xuejun Hao Lancaster University Fencing Club
Anjana Haridas Cardiff Fencing Club
Danni Hartland Herefordshire Fencing Club
Rukia Hill University of Leicester Fencing
Amy Home Newham Swords
Rachel Jones Unaffiliated
Alice Knowles Academy Blades Club
Rachel Kwok Academy Blades Club
Choi Yee Lee Unattached
Catiuscha Lupinetti Unaffiliated
catherine mc convey Fence Like An Olympian
Chiara McDermott Salle Boston
Mhairi McLaughlin Salle Holyrood
Astrid Merrick Bristol Fencing Club
Jade Meyer Bath Sword Club
Amanda Mond Fencers Club London
Jennifer Morris Unaffiliated
Philippa Mullins Salle Boston
Phoebe Newton-Hughes Allez Fencing
Eva Ngendo Academy Zorro Club
Avni Pande Oxford University Fencing Club
Sophie Peake Herefordshire Fencing Club
Alessandra Pisano Keele University Fencing Club
moira punt Bath Sword Club
Iris Rau Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club
Ruby Roberts Salle Paul Fencing Club
Elyse Ronzier University Of Kent
Rachel Shaw Newham Swords
Georgia Silk Newham Swords
Hannah Smyth Fencers Club London
Lauren Tang Millfield
Beatrice Taylor Academy Blades Club
Holly Thompson Cambridge Sword
Sophie Townsend Herefordshire Fencing Club
Fiona Turnbull Bath Sword Club
Lara Tyler Aldershot Fencing Club
Susan Uff Cotswold Fencing Club
Charity Weeks Laszlo
Grace Williams Sidmouth & East Devon F.C
Teagan Williams-Stewart Newham Swords
Jessica Zhang Salle Boston
Competitor Name Club
Yasmin Al-Wagga Bath Sword Club
Katie Assassa Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Kezia Barnard Crusaders Sword Club Hull
Rachel Barnes University Of Surrey
Catherine BISHOP Plymouth Fencing Club
Philippa Bothwell Cardiff Fencing Club
Catherine Bowd Celtic Sword Club
Susan Ann Brooks Bath Sword Club
Sarah Budden Plymouth Fencing Club
Haleena Callaghan Millfield
Louise Cattanach Bath Sword Club
Isabelle Clarke Unaffiliated
Clementine Cooper Loughborough University
Zoƫ Counter Edinburgh Fencing Club
Sofia De Martin Durham University Fencing Club
Amelia Dudley Leon Paul Epee
Pamela Fairweather Cardiff Fencing Club
Dana Fielding West Fife Fencing Club
Miriam Figge Edinburgh Fencing Club
Daisy Foniciello Edinburgh Fencing Club
Jessica Forse Four of Clubs
Taylor Foxwell-Moss Plymouth Fencing Club
Elena Gelzinyte Cambridge University Fencing Club
Lucy Grant Dundee University Fencing Club
Karen Grant West Fife Fencing Club
Eleanor Griffiths Abingdon Fencing Club
Jessica Gundry Unaffiliated
Henriette HADALIN Leon Paul Epee
Eleanor Harvie Crawley Sword Club
Maia Henderson-Roe Unaffiliated
Ingrid Heskett Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Charlotte Hicks Plymouth Fencing Club
Rukia Hill University of Leicester Fencing
Anna Hills Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
Odette Hornby Unattached
Nicola Hull Unaffiliated
Ellie Jackson Skipton Fencing Club
Lucy Johnson Brixton Fencing Club
Laura Judge-Wee Millfield
Jeanna Junady Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Viktoria-Luise Koch Edinburgh Fencing Club
Stella Lancey Cardiff Fencing Club
Elena Launder Millfield
Danielle Lawson Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Madeleine Lee Plymouth Fencing Club
Rachael LEVER Oundle Peterborough & Stamford Epee Club
Anisah Lubega Unattached
juliet lumineau Leon Paul Epee
Maisie MCCORMACK Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Amelia McCormack Oundle Peterborough & Stamford Epee Club
Georgina Mitchell Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Annabelle Montagu Millfield
Alexandra Moor Cambridge University Fencing Club
Hannah Nesbitt Derbyshire Epee Academy
Niamh Noble Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Amy Northam Leweston MPA
Sofie Helene Olsen Unaffiliated
Margarette Oniye Haverstock Fencing Club
Gabriella Ortega Leon Paul Epee
Holly Parker Unattached
Ellie Parmar Redhill & Reigate Epee Club
Erin Pedler Brixton Fencing Club
Bethan Plant Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Crinan Potter Chelsea Fencing Club
Alexandra Powell Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Louise Sadler Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Sophie Saudo Leon Paul Epee
Laura Sheffield Brixton Fencing Club
Constance Simmonds Abingdon Vale Fencing Club
Alice Sismanovic Millfield
Emily Southern Brixton Fencing Club
Alex Stewart Edinburgh Fencing Club
Paula Sullivan Foiled Again Fencing Club
Margaret Tait Orkney Fencing Club
Eleanor Taylor Leon Paul Epee
Katherine Townsend Bath Sword Club
Susan Uff Cotswold Fencing Club
Caroline Van Eldik University Of Kent
Megan Van Lynden Barnstaple Fencing Club
Katharine Van Riper Durham University Fencing Club
Jessica varley Oundle Peterborough & Stamford Epee Club
Abigail Watkins Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Ellie Wigham Bath Sword Club
Ella Williams Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
India Wilson Four of Clubs
Olivia Wray University of Bath Fencing Club
Rebecca Wreyford Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Valerie Young Bath Sword Club
Competitor Name Club
Isobel Ackerley Millfield
Elizaveta Bayramova University of Bristol Fencing Club
Jenna Bray Truro Fencing Club
Alex Clement Leon Paul Sabre
Erin Corcoran Russell Swords
Alexandra Davis Wrekin Sword Club
Phoebe Dawe Russell Swords
Danielle Einchcomb Camden Fencing Club
Sofie Emmens Tiverton Swords
Vivien Frith Unaffiliated
Rosalind Graham Unattached
Helen Grimsley University Of Kent
Phoebe Haslegrave Esprit
Katie Hendra Truro Fencing Club
Vanessa Hendra Truro Fencing Club
Lucy Higham Salle Ossian Fencing Club
Philippa Hodgson Unaffiliated
Agnieszka Janek Unaffiliated
Caroline Martin MX Fencing Club
Lizzie Moffat University Of Birmingham Fencing Club
Alice Moffat University Of Surrey
Michele Narey Bath Sword Club
Renee Nassozi-Kiggundu Millfield
Ella Nightingale Esprit
Evelyn Qian Oxford University Fencing Club
Emma Robinson Unaffiliated
Emily Ruaux Esprit
Nibras Balqis Sakkir University Of Kent
Jessica Seale Saxon Fencing Club
Thalia Seale Durham University Fencing Club
Natasha Siraj Durham University Fencing Club
Izabela Sosnowska Unaffiliated
Hannah Toy Sancroft Blades
Emma-Louise Waller Ridings Sabre Club
Xiaotian Wang London Fencing Club
Amy Westwell Russell Swords
Kelsey Woname Millfield
Lucy Wright Seacourt Fencing Club