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Competitor Name Club
Rachel Barnes Unaffiliated
Catherine BISHOP Plymouth Fencing Club
Abagael Black Plymouth Fencing Club
Catherine Bowd Celtic Sword Club
Imogen Bulman Aldershot Fencing Club
Erika Bustnes Chelsea Fencing Club
Jimena Calvo Moreno Chelsea Fencing Club
Julia Caron Chelsea Fencing Club
Poppy Chennells Newcastle Fencing Club
Elizabeth Coakley Derbyshire Epee Academy
Clementine Cooper Unaffiliated
Zoë Counter Edinburgh Fencing Club
Claudia Crawford-Brunt Chelsea Fencing Club
Dana Fielding West Fife Fencing Club
Charlie Follett Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Rocio Gali Brixton Fencing Club
Sofia Gerhardt Chelsea Fencing Club
Eve Golden Newcastle Fencing Club
Fiona Grant Unaffiliated
Lucy Grant Dundee University Fencing Club
Olivia Green Unaffiliated
Georgia Hannam Lancashire Sword
Julie Henson Norfolk Fencing Club
Ingrid Heskett Crawley Sword Club
Victoria Hide Newcastle Fencing Club
Ellie Jackson Skipton Fencing Club
Patrycja Krzyzaniak Chelsea Fencing Club
Stella Lancey Cardiff Fencing Club
Danielle Lawson Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Vanessa Lemer Chelsea Fencing Club
Rachael LEVER University of Nottingham
Maisie MCCORMACK Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Georgina Mitchell Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Alexandra Moor Cambridge University Fencing Club
Gemma Morris Knightsbridge Fencing Club
Hannah Nesbitt Derbyshire Epee Academy
Margarette Oniye Haverstock Fencing Club
Gabriella Ortega Salle Paul
Erin Pedler Brixton Fencing Club
sophia pickering Norfolk Fencing Club
Crinan Potter Chelsea Fencing Club
Alexandra Powell Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Elisabeth Powell Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Amy Radford Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Rania Rahardja Unaffiliated
Amelie Russell Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Louise Sadler Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Sophie Saudo Unaffiliated
Constance Simmonds Abingdon Vale Fencing Club
Katrina Smith Taylor Truro Fencing Club
Emily Southern Brixton Fencing Club
Christine Steiner Haverstock Fencing Club
Alex Stewart Edinburgh Fencing Club
Eleanor Taylor Salle Paul
Helen Thouless Brixton Fencing Club
Alisa Tohumcu Chelsea Fencing Club
Julia Tsimelzon Dream Fencing Academy
Georgina Usher Salle Paul
Eva van der Heijden Cambridge University Fencing Club
Jessica Varley Salle Paul
Abigail Watkins Malvern Hills Sword Fencing
Harriet Wickenden Truro Fencing Club
Lulu Willett University College London Fencing Club
Ella Williams Malvern Hills Sword Fencing

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